Field Erected Boilers

Onsite Boiler Fabrication Reduces Installation Costs

Field-Erected-Boiler-approved-jacket-3.jpgIndustrial Steam Boiler Corporation’s field-erected boilers fill the long-standing need for a craftsman-quality steel vessels that can be delivered to an existing boiler room through open doors, windows or other available entryways. These field erected Scotch marine boilers are built with the same high-quality components, expert workmanship, generous proportions and engineering excellence that are synonymous with our factory-built packaged boilers. Onsite fabrication allows for significant cost savings on installation, and boiler outlets can be installed to eliminate the need for costly re-piping.


Standard Steam Trim Components

  • Operating & Limit Pressure Control
  • Low Fire Hold Aquastat
  • Modulating Pressure Control (when applicable)
  • Water Column with Gauge Glass Float Type Combination Low Water Cut-Offs & Pump Control (optional)
  • Probe Type Auxiliary Low Water Cut-Off or Probe with Manual Reset (optional)
  • Water Column Drain Valve
  • Safety Relief Valve(s) Per ASME Code Steam Gauge
  • Stack Thermometer
  • Steam Pressure Gauge


Standard Water Trim Components

  • Operating & Limit Temperature Control
  • Modulating Temperature Control (when applicable)
  • Low Water Cut-Off Control Float or Probe with Manual Reset
  • Combination Pressure-Temperature Gauge
  • Safety Relief Valve(s) Per ASME Code
  • Stack Thermometer


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