Packaged Boilers

Packaged Boilers for Low-Pressure Steam or Hot Water Applications

ISB-Cut-A-Way.jpgIndustrial Steam Boiler Corporation designs, builds and delivers steel Scotch marine combustion systems for use in low-pressure steam or hot water applications. Manufactured with operations and maintenance costs in mind, these packaged boilers come completely piped, wired and ready for years of efficient use. They are fully ASME and UL approved, compatible with multiple different fuel and burner types, and available with advanced emission-reducing technology to meet the latest building code requirements of New York City and other major Northeast U.S. municipalities. 


Key Features

  • Four or Three Pass Water Back Design
  • Low-Pressure Steam Rated Up to 15 PSI
  • Hot Water Rated 30 to 160 PSI
  • High-Efficiency ASME Section IV Low-Pressure Heating Boilers
  • 50 to 600 BHP Capacity
  • 700 to 1,000 BHP Capacity for Custom Builds
  • Packaged with Gas, Oil, or Dual Fuel Gas/Oil Burner
  • Large Steam Disengaging Area
  • Optional Tankless Domestic Hot Water Coil
  • ASME, UL, CSD-1 & ASHRAE Compliant
  • Best Boiler Warranties in the Industry


Vessels & Tanks

Industrial Steam Boiler Corporation specializes in manufacturing NYC, ASME and UL approved pressure vessels. We build to a full range of pressure and non-pressure vessel design specs with various storage capacities for both aboveground and underground applications. Custom fuel oil tanks and header systems are also available on request.

  • 550-33,000 Gallon Capacity
  • 42-120 Inch Tank Diameters
  • Bigger Custom Builds Available on Request


Other Designs, Equipment and Services

Industrial Steam Boiler Corporation also offers Fire Box Boiler Designs, Lo Nox Burners, Boiler Auxiliary equipment (Blowdown tanks, Boiler Feed Tanks, Condensate Receiver Tanks, Condensate Coolers/Domestic water preheaters), CAD, Master SPEC AIA Drawings and Boiler Parts & Service.

Industrial Steam Boiler Corporation
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