How Did Your Boiler Perform This Past Heating Season?

Businesses, multi-family dwellings and other commercial properties throughout the New York City Metro Area had their boilers put to the test this past winter. Amid an ongoing pandemic, New Yorkers also dealt with sudden cold snaps, fluctuating temperatures that dropped as low as 19 degrees and total snow accumulation approximating 38 inches that kept many people indoors.


Were your tenants satisfied with their heat output? Did your buildings suffer any pipe or water damage due to a lack of working heat? Even if you didn’t run into any problems this year, you can avoid them in the future! Now is the perfect time to have your current boiler system evaluated and find out if an upgrade is in order.


Industrial Steam Boiler Corporation will be happy to come take a look at what you’re working with, and offer solutions that can improve your building’s energy usage and heating output!


And if you’re worried about your tenants dealing with a lack of heat during an upgrade, we can handle that as well with our fleet of mobile boilers – ready to offer a reliable, temporary heating solution throughout the process.


Be prepared for the next heating season with a newly installed packaged or field-erected boilers for industrial and commercial applications, including hospitals, schools, apartment buildings and more from Industrial Steam Boiler Corporation! Call or contact us online to schedule an evaluation.

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