It’s Time to Upgrade Your Commercial Boiler

With the recent volatility of energy prices, now is a good time to consider investing in higher-efficiency commercial boiler systems for your office buildings and multi-family homes. When considering your option to upgrade, also keep in mind the following benefits of upgrading:


Improved Efficiency


If your building is still utilizing a non-condensing boiler system, it’s only running at about 60 to 70% efficiency. Newer condensing hydronic boilers are able to capture and reuse latent heat while cycling. This increases energy efficiency by up to 98%!


Cost Savings


Higher efficiency means less energy needed to keep HVAC systems circulating heat. Your building uses less fuel for the same – if not more – amount of heat, which means fewer deliveries and fewer bills!


Comfort & Safety


As boilers age, their performance declines and the risk for potential safety hazards increases. Newer boilers, however, are optimized to provide more stable temperatures throughout the facility. This improves comfort of your tenants. And modern equipment boasts preventative safety features!


System Longevity


There are long-term benefits to upgrading your commercial boiler as well! Newer models tend to require less maintenance when compared to older boilers. You’ll save on repair costs and reduce the risk of emergency repairs.


The summer season presents the perfect opportunity to consider replacing your commercial boiler system. With tenants not relying on heat, interrupting the system operation isn’t detrimental. And you’ll be all set for the next heating season.


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