Multiple Advantages for an ISB Multi-Pass Boiler

Industrial Steam Boiler Corporation has been serving the New York Tri-State area for more than thirty years, using our expertise and mechanical & thermal engineering know-how to provide commercial and industrial businesses with mobile, packaged and field-erected boilers.

Are you in the market for a boiler upgrade for your industrial or commercial building? Consider an ISB multi-pass Scotch Marine Steam or Hot Water Boiler!

Multi-pass boilers are available in three and four-pass models to suit a wide range of applications. A few advantages of these boilers include:

Higher Thermal Efficiency:

With multi-pass boilers there is more heat output with lower flue gas temperature by the system, helping to lower fuel consumption and save on energy costs.

Heavy Duty Long Lasting ASME Design:

All ISB designs incorporate only the best high quality Domestic materials under ASME Guidelines.

Compact Design:

Not every industrial or commercial building has the space required to fit a full-sized boiler. Luckily, multi-pass boilers feature a compact design, so they can fit into smaller spaces.

Lower Emissions:

ISB incorporates the highest performance Low emission burners available in the industry

Reduced emission output from the equipment is better for the health of a building’s occupants as well as the environment.

If you’re interested in learning more about multi-pass boilers from Industrial Steam Boiler Corporation – or would like information on our mobile boilers, packaged boilers and field-erected boilers – give us a call at 718-665-0888 or contact us online.

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