Three Steps to Upgrade Your Commercial Boiler

Is it time to upgrade your commercial boiler? If it is 16 years old or older, it just might be! Make sure you do it right with Industrial Steam Boiler Corporation! We’ll work closely with you every step of the way to ensure that your commercial property is outfitted with a new commercial boiler that’s both efficient and effective.


Step 1: Consultation


Starting the conversation is the most important part! You can call us directly at 718-665-0888 or us the contact form located on the Contact Us page of this website to reach out and let us know that you’re interested in replacing your current commercial boiler or are in need of a brand-new installation.


Step 2: Design


Throughout the designing process we’ll provide 3D and 2D drawings, Master Spec AIA drawings and CAD drawings upon request in order to help you visualize your custom or packaged boiler.


Step 3: Installation


It’s finally time to get to the installation of your new boiler! Our experts will get the job done quickly so that any downtime is kept to a minimum, but we also offer temporary mobile boilers during installation in case even the slightest amount of downtime is a detriment to your property.


Post Installation


Even after the job is done, Industrial Steam Boiler Corporation has your back. We’re R-certified by the NBBI to perform any repairs and/or alterations for boilers, pressure vessels, and other pressure retaining items. We hold other certifications as well for extra peace of mind!


While we’re discussing upgrading your commercial boiler, don’t forget about the tank! We specialize in designing and manufacturing NYC, ASME & UL 142 Approved Large Capacity tanks for all of your fuel storage needs as well!


Now is an ideal time to consider upgrading your commercial boiler (and maybe even your tank, too!), so call or contact Industrial Steam Boiler Corporation to get started.

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