What’s New at ISB: Multi-Pass Wet Back Firetube Boilers

Industrial Steam Boiler Corporation is excited to introduce the latest multi-pass wet back firetube boilers to join our product line! The Series ISB4 (4-Pass), Series ISB3 (3-Pass) and Series ISB3L (3-Pass) boilers are all available as field-erected and packaged from ISB featuring standard trim controls for both steam and hot water applications.


Here are some of the features you can expect from this boilers:


  • Factory packaged with gas, oil or combination Lonox burners

  • ASME, UL, CSD-1 & ASHRAE standards certification

  • Efficiency ranging from 86%-88%

  • Specially designed for low ceiling heights (Series ISB3L)

  • Best warranties in the industry


For more information on these new boilers, including dimensions, performance ratings and component listings, check out the spec sheets available on our website by following the links below:

ISB3 Series: Click here to learn more about the Series ISB3 3-Pass Wet Back Firetube Boiler

ISB3L Series: Click here to learn more about the Series ISB3L 3-Pass Wet Back Firetube Boiler

ISB4 Series: Click here to learn more about the Series ISB4 4-Pass Wet Back Firetube Boiler

Drawings are available upon request! Call or contact us online if you have any questions about these or any other packaged, field-erected or mobile boilers available from Industrial Steam Boiler Corporation.

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