Everything to Know About Industrial Storage Tanks!

In addition to building or securing the perfect boiler for your building, business, or factory, Industrial Steam Boiler Corporation provides the highest quality storage tanks to help maximize your comfort. Whether you are looking to store boiler feed water, fuel oil, or domestic water, Industrial Steam Boilers offers storage tanks in a variety of styles to best accommodate your storage needs!

Our storage tanks, along with our commercial boilers, are made of carbon steel with special interior coatings or stainless steel and designed, built, and certified in accordance with NYC, ASME and UL-Standards.

Our storage tank designs include:

·         Horizontal Tanks

·         Vertical Tanks

·         Rectangular Tanks


These state-of-the-art storage tanks can either be shop or field built, depending on your building’s conditions.

Some tank design features include:

·         ASME code compliance manholes and hand holes can be furnished for servicing.

·         Perforated sparge pipes in all sizes can be furnished for feed water heating.

·         Tube bundles of all sizes can be furnished for heat transfer.


If you are interested in a packaged system, we specialize in those too! Our packaged storage tanks include:

·         Heat transfer modules

·         Condensate cooler/preheater

·         Flash tanks

·         Feed water systems

·         Blowdown systems


At Industrial Steam Boiler Corporation, we don’t settle for anything less than the best because that’s what our customers deserve. For more information about our storage tanks and specific dimensions and details, you can read all about them in our Commercial & Industrial Storage Tanks brochure


For any questions about our industrial storage tanks or boilers please contact us here

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