A Look Behind the Curtain: Incredible Time-Lapse Footage of Industrial Steam Boiler Corporation at Work!

Industrial Steam Boiler Corporation recently replaced several Fire Box Boilers in an apartment building complex on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Captured over a period of several weeks, the time-lapse video shows the incredible work the teams at ISB and Approved Oil were able to accomplish in under three minutes!

Check out the time-lapse video below!

What you aren’t seeing on the video is our crew of workers at the ISB factory in Copiague, New York, fabricating the pieces of the boilers you see being constructed. We make everything in-house at our ASME-approved factory, then deliver and rig it into buildings across New York City and the Country. It usually takes about six workers to deliver the pieces of the boiler to the location, depending on size and accessibility, then three boiler makers to construct it in the building. The hard work of Industrial Steam Boiler Corporation began long before the cameras started rolling on the Lower East Side.

While the time-lapse video shows two boilers being replaced, in actuality, there were four total boilers fabricated by ISB. The outdated boilers were about 40 years old and had a lower efficiency rating than the new ISB Scotch Marine Boilers we upgraded the building with. More and more boilers constructed during the 1980s are being replaced due to the age of the equipment. This is a trend that our Senior Vice President, Tom Francullo, has noticed in recent years.

If you are looking for a commercial steam boiler inside or outside the New York City area, our time-lapse video is all the evidence you need to trust the professionals at Industrial Steam Boiler Corporation to get the job done. We offer expert ASME design, fabrication, and installation of packaged and field-erected steam/hot water boilers.

Call Industrial Steam Boilers at (718) 665-0888 to discuss your new commercial steam boiler options!

Industrial Steam Boiler Corporation
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