Plan Your Boiler Design with Our 2D & 3D Imaging

Are you looking to upgrade to a new boiler for your business? If so, you should understand the importance of choosing the right design for your specific needs. Industrial Steam Boiler’s 2D & 3D imaging technology can streamline and simplify this process, giving you a clear understanding of how your new boiler will integrate into your new or existing setup.


Our CAD, Master SPEC AIA Drawings, and 2D Revit software allows us to create detailed, to-scale drawings of your projected boiler. This provides a clear picture of the available space, taking into account existing equipment and piping configurations. With this information, we can then use 3D CAD, Revit, and AIA’s Master SPEC imaging to create a realistic representation of your new boiler within your existing space.


Benefits of 2D & 3D Imaging for Boiler Design

·        Enhanced Planning: 2D & 3D imaging allows for a more precise boiler selection process, ensuring that your chosen model fits seamlessly into your heating system’s design.

·        Improved efficiency: By virtually placing the boiler within your existing space, we can           identify potential challenges with access and piping. This foresight enables us to address these concerns early on in    the design process, resulting in a more efficient boiler room layout.

·        Reduced costs: By proactively addressing potential space constraints, 2D & 3D imaging can help avoid costly redesign or modification work during the boiler installation process.


Considering a new boiler? Industrial Steam Boiler offers custom boilers, including field-erected and packaged boilers, and our expert imaging technology can benefit your planning. Contact us today to find out how our imaging services can help you find the right one for your site!

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